Cockney King of Chingford
Thu 28 Jun 2018 
Club news item

Due to injuries and unavailabilities the golf tourney depleted to six contestants who gathered on the Essex borders. Champion Steve Richards swayed towards Epping and after parting with £14 we waited for Craig. Then waited some more so the first group of Adrian Duthie, Steve Emmins and Steve Richards headed off. The second group of Peter Hollman, Tony Tambyraja and Craig Jones caught them up several hours later in a pub in Wanstead.

Tony racked up the points on the back line with some straight driving and approaches but the highlight was Craig’s nearest the pin and following up with a birdie on the 7th.

Meanwhile the group of champions were at least four holes ahead and the umbrella marking longest drive was inevitably snaffled by some dog walkers or passers by.

Some impressive scoring from Steve Emmins gave him the outright title, winning both the scratch and handicap comps.

1st Steve Emmins 90 & 40 points

2nd Adrian Duthie 97 & 33.

3rd Tony Tambyraja 102 & 33.

4th Stephen Richsrds 110 & 22

5th Peter Hollman 113 & 24

6th Craig Jones 131 & 21