Pacific v Hartley Country Club at Hartley Country Club  Sun 03 Sep 2000
Friendly fixture

The joint membership of Jonathan Hardisty & Paul Attwood was integral in helping Pacific honour this fixture whilst ensuring the core Gracies players were able to enjoy an extra fixture.

P/G: 214-9 dec. N Swinburne 79 C Jones 26 R Bielby 26 Lee 10-1-30-3
H: 159-9. McLean 31. I Spencer-Baird 9-2-34-3 N Wilkinson 5-0-35-3

Under the joint Captaincy of Ian Crossland & Nigel Wilkinson, P/G batted 1st on another belter in the Kent countryside having won the toss. Opener Nick Swinburne made the most of the track & he was however, the only player to score a half century. Useful contributions from Craig Jones (26), back from 10 weeks filming in Ibiza & Richard Bielby (26) made useful middle order contributions before the declaration came at tea. Thompson & Lee picking up 3 wickets apiece.

P/Gšs bowlers came at the opposition hard as both Mike Alexander & Richard Bielby made early breakthroughs thanks to the assured catching of keeper Paul Attwood. Excellent fielding & catches, lead by Paul behind the stumps & Chris OšGrady in the outfield ensured there could be only one winner ,however, with 4 overs remaining, & 1 wicket needed, Ian crossland brought himself back on in the hope of securing a result on this unique occasion - however, Jarma (22*) proved the stalwart as the game ended with Hartley still 55 runs short of their target. P/G were left an agonising 1 wicket away from theirs.

Nigel Wilkinson 3-35 & off-spinner Ian Spencer-Baird 3-34 stood out as the form bowlers. One point of concern was the incident which lead to Spencer-Bairdšs 1st wicket when keeper Attwood who despite succeeding in stumping Green (10) fell awkwardly while doing so & incurred mild concussion. Although, being able to carry on afterwards, Paul admitted he had no recollection of the incident. For next weekšs match against Washington, Nigel Wilkinson will be picking from a squad of 15 as he hopes that Ben Hardisty & John Baglivi will be fit after injury, but is also looking to find a spot for Jamaican born player-coach Tony Vassell.

P/G: N Swinburne J Hardisty S Black I Spencer-Baird C Jones R Bielby P Attwood+ I Crossland* C OšGrady N Wilkinson* M Alexander


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