Chasseaud's ping pong power prevents Duncan double
Tue 27 Mar 2018 
Club news item

Tuesday saw the last of the pre-season social events, with the hotly anticipated table tennis tournament contested at the Old China Hand in Clerkenwell, where we were horrified that, having been free in previous years, table hire now cost a whopping £30 an hour (though thankfully the social secretary was able to deploy his charms to secure us a discount from the landlady).

The round robin phase was dominated by the 2017 World Wiff Waff doubles champions Aly Duncan and Toby Chasseaud. Their group stage match was a nailbiter, with each winning a game before Duncan clinched the decider about 14-12, meaning he emerged from the group stage undefeated.

So it was looking like it would be a second extra-curricular victory for the Alygator after clinching the pool title several weeks earlier.

But when the two frenemies met in the final, it was Chasseaud who dominated, beating the 'Gator 2-0 in convincing fashion.


Photographs by Sam Howes


Chasseaud 2-0 Duncan


Played Won Lost Points
Duncan 6 6 0 18
Chasseaud 6 5 1 15
Collis 6 3 3 9
Burnham 6 3 3 9
Howes 6 2 4 9
Stockton 6 2 4 7
Ireland 6 0 6 2


Collis 2-0 Ireland
Chasseaud 2-0 Ireland
Chasseaud 2-0 Collis
Stockton 2-1 Ireland
Stockton 2-0 Collis
Chasseaud 2-0 Stockton
Duncan 2-0 Ireland
Duncan 2-0 Collis
Duncan 2-1 Chasseaud
Duncan 2-0 Stockton
Burnham 2-1 Ireland
Collis 2-0 Burnham
Chasseaud 2-0 Burnham
Burnham 2-1 Stockton
Duncan 2-0 Burnham
Howes 2-0 Ireland
Collis 2-1 Howes
Chasseaud 2-0 Howes
Howes 2-1 Stockton
Duncan 2-0 Howes
Burnham 2-1 Howes