Pacific v Tower Hamlets at London Fields  Sat 04 Aug 2018 at 1pm
North East London Cricket League

HOME v their 3s.

"Home" match, so midday meet to set up and warm.


Because this is a "home game" for Pacific we have the following responsibilities:

"The home team has the responsibility to remove and replace the roping on the square. We upset our very diligent groundsman if we don’t and the pitches get ruined, so if you could make sure that happens that’d be great. The home side also provides stumps, bails and boundary markers.

Ideally each team brings a scoreboard, but there’s one in the little clubhouse at London Fields that should be used when you play there. Otherwise if you can get your hands on a cheap one that’d be useful. None belong to the league unfortunately.

Additionally, home sides at London Fields must put out the signs around the boundary warning passers-by/hipsters to watch out for the hard ball. The home side should circle the boundary before the game to warn picnickers (especially with babies and young children) to move well away from the boundary. Also a good idea to do it at the tea break. 

The league doesn’t supply stumps or bails, each club should have them."


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