Pacific v Tatsfield at Away  Sun 13 Aug 2000
Won by 2 wkts
Friendly fixture

Acting Captain Jonathan Campbell's 1st decision was whether to go along with Tatsfield's bizarre formula for an all day game.

1st innings.
P: 61-6 (12 overs). M Alexander 18. Davis 2-0-6-2.
T: 55-4 (12).Clark 37* Davies 1-0-4-1
2nd Innings.
T: 133-7 (dec.) Clark 25. J Brown 4-2-7-2.
P: 131-8. J Davies 35* Bishop 12-3-25-3

A 12 over 1st innings limit or enforced declaration followed by a łnormal time game" with the scores carrying forward & the 1st innings leaders determining who bats 1st second- so to speak. It's away, so we went along with it & yes it did lead to a last ball decider but given that we had 46 overs altogether compared to Tatsfield's 58, was it worth it ? Still the food the sides were treated to was very nice...

The next major aspect was the pitch consistently uneven at best, dangerous & unworthy of an enjoyable contest at worst. Mike Alexander & John Baglivi consistently found themselves pitching right up if only to avoid injuries as the ball spat up from a good length to varying degrees of discomfort. Although only Oliver (13) was out hit wicket to Jon Brown, Pacific's batters were lucky that the 4 quickest bowlers were all on their own side.

The 12 over slog to start saw P reach JC's hope of a run a ball target which thanks to the bowlers of himself, John Baglivi & Jim Davies managed to take a 1st innings lead. 90 minutes later, P were back in the field to witness a brave & patient partnership between Clark (25) & Lewis (23). Other highlights were fine spells from JB & Mike but especially Jon Brown who now had time to settle & impressed with a fine spell of 2-7. Campbell wanted to chase & a 128 target was never going to be easy.

At 32-4 & the acting Captain out, I did not believe we had more than a 40% chance of winning. The 5th wicket partnership of 45, John Hill (12) & a career best 23 from Joe Bennett readjusted the balance to even. Jim Davies' 35 not out was worth considerably more & despite some bizarre run outs, he & Matt Patel kept their heads while all around others were losing theirs. With 6 an over needed they just kept going but the recall of opener Martin Lewis backfired big time as 13 came from his come back over.1 over to go, Davies on strike, scores level - the master of tension waited, but not deliberately, to the last ball which he cracked through square leg & took the game from draw to win in one fail swoop.

P: M Holliday P Hollman B Hardisty+ J Campbell J Bennett J Hill J Davies J Baglivi M Alexander H Patel J Brown


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