Fri 06 Jul 2018 5:30pm


Merry Xmas team Pacific The game is on for the 6th July. As it is a charity team we are playing, they have suggested some monetary forfeits . Eg £5 for a duck, £1 for dropped catch etc. Let me know if you are ok with this. The team is a Dorset charity which provides holidays for terminally ill kids. Nice bunch of lads, brett custard and Chris will be available as well if needed. We are going to sort a venue in the new year it will be in Bournemouth. Enjoy the holidays lads

Amelia Grace rainbow cc , this is a charity club set up by mate who lost his daughter to leukemia. He set up the charity to help terminally ill kids. They play in bmouth evening league . Nice bunch! I am still trying to get 100 per cent confirmation . They said they will confirm in the new year for the Friday night game on the 6th July Sorry abt late reply . Missed your email Ta