Pacific v Edmonton at Edmonton CC  Sun 30 Jul 2000
Friendly fixture

Pacific came to compete but the withdrawals of Frank Baglivi, John Green (injury) & Tim Mileham left P without enough depth.

E: 225-6 Billson 73. M Alexander 10-1-44-2
P: P Hollman 46 Billson 9-3-11-4

The fielding was disappointing with Captain Nigel Wilkinson dropping 2 chances at 1st slip & Chris O'Grady dropping another at mid on. Dave Baker who made 30 was the lucky recipient having been on 0 on both drops before making 30. The key partnership was the 5th wicket stand 103 - Hinnigan (64*) & Billson 73 .

On a flat track, the batters played fluent strokes Billson hitting Hollman at one point for 4 consecutive 6s. Before Jim Davies broke the partnership with a quickish yorker.

The pacific innings was farcically delayed, but once underway threatened to set up a respectable challenge. Matt Holliday on his return from injury in early April, showed his old tenacity to put away anything in reach before being caught by the keeper to the quick bowler Joe Soloria. The true reason however why Pacific did not come within a country mile of a challenge was when the number 3 bat - Jonathan Campbell was out 1st ball caught down the legside - again to Soloria. Later keeper Steve emmins was also out 1st ball lbw - Pacific didn't have a chance.

After Hollman's score & extra's 38, Matt Holiday's 13 stood out. The run out of Hollman with O'Grady sending him back & then changing his mind before sending him back again was dreadful. With 3 overs to go & the tail having succumbed to Man of the Match Billson's off spin, the last pair of Wright & Wilkinson at least saw the side through to the refuge of a draw.

As a competitive match this was disappointingly & plainly not the case. Pacific will have to find a deeper resolve when they play UCS Old Boys for the Lindridge McDougall Memorial Challenge Cup next Sunday as part of a short tour of Oxford.

P: P Hollman M Holliday J Campbell J Davies S Emmins+ J Stevenson C O'Grady D Muschamp N Wright M Alexander N Wilkinson*


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