Richards Bucks Up
Fri 21-Jul-2017 

The First Thanks of the day were due to Adrian who as winner selected the course. So we all met up by the M25 at the Buckinghamshire which is a course in style to a links course but with lakes & streams & the expected signature rough. Steve Richards described the clubhouse as having the poshest spike bar he'd ever frequented. We split I to 2 x 3 balls Messrs Emmins Richards & Duthie were 1st off & followed by Hollman, Tambyraja & the resurfaced Craig Jones who hadn't lifted a club for at least 5 years & yet was the easiest going golfer I've ever accompanied as he got full value finding long since departed form & rhythm. Afterwards we went to the Swan Inn in Denham. Delightful company & top end pub grub & wine was quaffed. More credit to Adrian.

Anyways the golf:-

1st Steve Richards 31 points 99 shots

2nd Adrian Duthie 28 & 102

3rd Peter Hollman 26 & 111

4th Steve Emmins 25 & 108

5th Tony Tambyrajah 20 & 118

6th Craig Jones 1 & 158.

Mr Richards will be sourcing finest Essex eels & greens no doubt for the 2018 competition. Bring it on