Minutes of council meeting re Wray Crescent
Sat 17 Jun 2017 
Club news item

Present – Jerry Gutwin, Parks Service, Shan Burgess, Parks Service, Noel Headon, Leisure Service, Peter Holman, Pacific Cricket Club, Pete Jones, MCCC

1. Current status of the building The Council received a report on 30th January 2017 that clearly set out the issues and effectively condemned the building. It was immediately locked. The Council made some initial enquires about possible alternative arrangements but the Pacific Cricket Club were informed on 23rd February that the building would not be able to be used. The status of the building remains the same and there is nothing to suggest that it will ever be able to be used again as it would be uneconomical to repair.

2. Costs for re-providing the facilities There are a number of options to deal with the building and re-provide the facilities :- a) Demolition of the current building but leaving the existing foundations which would be suitable for a temporary structure - £15K b) Demolition of the current building including the existing foundations leaving he area ready for a new building and/or re-landscaping - £20K c) The purchase and installation of temporary structures to provide basic toilets and changing facilities - £25K d) The building of a new modular building as per the attached - £300K e) The building of a new architect designed brick building - £750K

3. Funding opportunities The Parks Service currently has no capital or revenue funding allocated to enable any work to be carried out. The Council does have access to amounts of money from S106 and CIL. Jerry explained what both were to the attendees. The state of the pavilion and the financial need have been placed on the Ward Improvement Plan (WIP) database so Councillors – who allocate both S106 and CIL funds – are aware of the issue. The ECB has been asked about the possibility of part funding a new building and a notional sum of £75K has been mentioned. Furthermore, the ECB may be able to provide staffing resources to be able to help with writing and submitting further bids to other grant funders.

4. Next steps Peter to write a one page summary of what the ECB can do – ACTION Pete Shan and Peter to seek support for the project from the local community, local Councillors and users of the cricket facilities. To that end :- a) Shan to send Peter the names and contact details of the local Councillors as well as the Executive Member for Environment & Transport and the Executive Member for Health & Social Care & Deputy Leader of the Council – ACTION Shan b) Shan to draft a template letter of support that can be sent out to local community, local Councillors and users of the cricket facilities – ACTION Shan

5. AOB There was a short discussion about whether cricket could be returned to Tufnell Park. This was considered not to be possible. Peter to send round information about a Flix pitch – ACTION Pete Shan to give Peter a Squires key to enable them to unlock the western single gate when a match is in progress – ACTION Shan A meeting has been arranged with the school to see if they can help in regard to using their facilities. Jerry to establish the cost of a 2mx2mx2m approx. steel store for the Cricket Club to store their equipment in – ACTION Jerry Noel to establish where any of the Cricket Club equipment has been stored and where it is – ACTION Noel