Frank in the Daily Telegraph no less
Fri 31 Mar 2017 
Club news item

Here's a great article by the Telegraph's Ben Bloom on the sad demise of specialist wicketkeepers, including a fantastic reference to former Pacific gloveman Frank Baglivi: 

... I still remember the amazement I felt when bowling in the first game I played for my cricket club. A medium-paced trundler masquerading as an opening bowler, I was unaccustomed to wicketkeepers standing up to the stumps when I came on to bowl.

In the latter stages of his cricketing career and at a time when you would have expected his glovework powers to be on the wane, our keeper Frank Baglivi — who would cheerfully relish his position as number 11 batsman — promptly strode to the stumps and collected my rank leg-side half-volleys with ease.

While Frank sadly passed away earlier this year, in his own small way he provided me with a fond memory that will remain with me forever — a reminder of an art form that can be stunning when executed properly. ...

It's well worth reading the article in full here: