Golf Tournament
Thu 20 Jul 2017 2pm
Diary entry

Hello Contenders Adrian will be defending his Pacific title next Thursday at the Buckinghamshire And being the man with all the contacts has got us on at members guests rate at 45 each. Tee off times are 2.30 & 2.39pm. Meet at 1.30pm at the club. Post round post mortem & bets divvying up will be at Looking forward Cheers Pete @hollers63

Numbers are starting to build up but there's plenty of rom for more. Anyone under 50 & I don't mean net score will have a great chance to not only win but meet the Pacific stalwarts of yesteryear. So far signed up are Adrian Duthie (defending champion), Steve Emmins, Steve Richards, Tony Tambyraja, Peter Hollman & Craig Jones. Toby's waiting to hear on cost per head! The venue is likely to be The Buckinghamshire