Matrix reloaded: Strike bowler Stockton skittles fellow Pacifists
Wed 22 Mar 2017 
Club news item

In an encouraging pre-season display of bowling accuracy, all-rounder Ben Stockton saw off his Pacific teammates to claim the club’s annual 10-pin bowling trophy at Rowan’s in Finsbury Park on Monday.

Stockton, who claimed not to have picked up a bowling ball since attending a party at Skipton's Matrix bowling dome at the age of 10, was sitting fourth at the halfway point but produced an storming second game of 149 to leave the competition, led by James Collis, trailing in his wake.

As well as Stockton’s bowling excellence, the evening was memorable for a spectacular cannon off a ball that had been wedged in the gutter to clean up a spare by Hugh Macpherson, and the balletic grace of Toby Chasseaud’s action – although Chasseaud was unable to repeat his success in the club’s pool tournament.

Another notable incident was the unannounced closure of the bar at 8.30pm, a tactical decision on the part of the management to expedite the exit of a group that appeared non-pacifist in demeanour as well as cricketing loyalty.

This left those whose mental tranquillity was disturbed by the temporary lack of booze wondering what might have been – while a soft drink-quaffing Stockton was unperturbed on his march to victory.


Ben Stockton 267 (118 / 149)

James Collis 254 (114 / 140)

Sam Howes 249 (94 / 155)

Ben Burnham 245 (126 / 119)

Aly Duncan 245 (119 / 126)

Hugh Macpherson 229 (115 / 114)

Ollie Haill 226 (121 / 105)

Mark Woodland 204 (92 / 112)

Toby Chasseaud 191 (109 / 82)