Faltering in the Fullback
Pacific v North Middlesex at Wray Crescent  Sat 29 Apr 2017 at 1pm
Friendly fixture

Unfortunately Saturday's game was cancelled due to North Midd being unable to raise a side. They have kindly offered to cover the cost of the pitch hire and are apparently launching an internal investigation into the circumstances of the cancellation (see a message from them below). Instead we had a net at Wray Crescent, which was attended by, in order of appearance, Ravi, Mutz, Hugh, James Soden, John Saunders, Toby, Paul Davis and possibly someone else too. To Mutz's relief, John seemed to spend most of his time looking for his ball in the bush after it kept escaping the back of the net and Hugh was kept busy by having to retrieve the ball from the roof of the net with alarming regularity. James, John and Toby then headed to the Faltering Fullback a bit too early, where they were joined by Phil Smith and later some Aussies. As Joshua beat Klitschko in the big fight at Webley, James and John staged their own battle, with James accidentally knocking his pint of Blue Moon over John, who later retaliated by tipping some Fosters on James's head as he was leaving. At least it wasn't a Panesar-style shower. Thankfully the remaining Pacificians called it a night there before things got any messier. Here's looking forward to more cricket and perhaps less drinking next time we meet. -------- A message from North Midd: I wanted to apologise profusely on behalf of NMCC for what appears to have been a total cock-up. I have only just been made aware of the situation this morning , but clearly pulling out of a fixture without telling the opposition is unacceptable whatever the circumstances. We will conduct an internal investigation of course, but the damage is done and I do appreciate the particularly embarrassing position you have been placed in , given your strong links with both clubs. Please let me know what we owe you for pitch hire, tea etc, and send apologies from NMCC to those who have been left without a game. Rob


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