MacStockton comes out on top
Pacific v Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent  Sat 01-Apr-2017 at 12 noon
 Won by Ben Stockton

The season got off to a successful start with the double wicket competition, in which everyone was a winner but Ben Stockton and Hugh were crowned champions.

Our inability to access the condemned Wray pavilion threw up problems when a rain shower came about 3pm, sending scorers and spectators scuttling for the only shelter beneath the doorway of the sad structure, where they huddled like penguins. Still, the players played on, grappling with a soggy ball which Riz seemed particularly unhappy with.

Highlights included a Rob Hamill juggling act to try to take a catch off Hugh, Aly's two wickets in an over, a direct-hit run-out by Sumant which surprised him more than anybody, debutant Jay Lakhani getting off the mark with a glorious punch for four through the off-side off Riz, and some big hitting from various batsmen. Bar the occasional comedy misfield, the fielding and particularly the catching was very good considering the bobbly outfield.

The lowlight was Rob unsportingly running a single when his straight drive was accidentally deflected away from the bowler's hands by Sumeet's bat. The honourable Japanese, whom Rob is visiting next week, would surely not approve.

Earlier, Toby had taken about the bowling like a man possessed, hitting 73 in eight overs, prompting Ben Stockton to remark: "Why don't you bat like that all the time?" The blemish was Toby twice running out his partner Mark Woodland in an attempt to keep the strike amid his greed for runs.

In the end, the competition was won by Ben S and Hugh, whose combination of big hitting and wicket-taking put them on top of the table once, amid great expectation, the final scores had been painstakingly totted up and announced by Aly in the YB Yeats.

Pete, who devised the rules and running order of the competition, had hoped to take some action shots with his new camera but the players got through the overs so quickly (well done, everyone) that he only arrived in time to drive some kit bags to the pub.

Hugh has the scorebook so hopefully he may be able to add a bit more detail to this report if gets a spare moment.

Update: It has been pointed out that this tournament was actually an individual competition - so from that perspective, here are the individual top three scores, arrived at by halving the partnership score and adding bowling and fielding points. The new calculation has done nothing to curtail Stockton's winning streak!

1. Ben Stockton - 51

2. Riz - 46.5

3. Toby - 38


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