Drain pain
Pacific v Mayfield CC at Alexandra Palace
Sun 24 Apr 2016 at 1.30pm
Middlesex & Essex Invitation League

A somewhat frustrating start to the season continues. We had a strong eleven on paper, only for our opening league match of the season – originally to be held at North Middlesex CC, then moved to Alexandra Park CC – to be cancelled due to overnight rain leaving water on the square because of a drainage failure. It does seem that these big clubs will call off a game at the drop of a hat. 

Here's how the Pacific XI was looking:

Sumeet Sharma+
Toby Chasseaud*
Jon Webley
Ben Burnham
Ravi Patel
Kieran Mullens
Navid Chowdhury
Phil Smith
Sharan Timbadia
Paul Davis
Ahmed Hussain 

After the match was called off on Sunday morning, a few of us went for a net at Victoria Park, where Navid brought a GoPro camera courtesy of Facebook, which seemed to refuse to stay put on anyone's head. We may have got some decent footage when using it as a stump cam though. Hopefully it captured Navid hitting the stumps several times and Ravi continuing his power hitting.

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