Dropsies Whoopsies then Scarries
Pacific v Stirling Akroyd at Victoria Park Pitch 1  Thu 25 Jun 2015 at 7pm
Lost 19 runs
Victoria Park Community Cricket League fixture

Despite a 7pm start, a full VIII had not arrived & poor Aroon was forced to take the field. At least he came off untainted by a full selection of dropped catches & bothched run outs. As each SA batter came in then retired it felt like a free for all. That said much of the bowling wasn't bad & the poor outfield didn't prevent passable ground fielding. So well done to Paul who had a catch held in the 15th over & 200 runs landmark was not achieved.

in reply Luke & Paul R went express reaching strike rates of 250+ & the SA opener disappearing for 26 in his 1st over. 40 off 2 overs was the reply that shook them. Some great stroke play but if there was a turning point Paul R was bowled on 48 so couldn't return. Interestingly had a dropped catch on the boundary gone for 6 the ball before he would have retired & return later. But it wasn't to be & by the 10th over the sides had identical scoring rates. SA's strength in depth in batting was the difference & despite Lucius'cameo & the return of Luke who never actually faced a ball in the fading light, the non league side fell creditably short


FOOTNOTE. Having umpired the full game, I have to say I have never been hit by a shot from the batsman before. A slightly lofted straight drive past the bowler cleared the stumps just at the bowlers end & let no time for evasive action & my right knee took the full front inadvertently preventing a 4. Not my proudest moment officiating. Ph