Pacific need heads examining after dismal loss
Pacific v Windermere CC at Wray Crescent  Sun 17 May 2015 at 1pm
Lost 4 wickets
Friendly fixture

Pacific collapse to 174 all out having been cruising at 90-1

Oli Creese headers a nasty beamer, heroically returns to bat and field despite swelling above left eye

Pacific drop three catches in the opening 15 overs of Windermere's reply

Wickets from Phil Smith and debutant Pranav can't stop Windermere reaching target with several overs to go

Pranav shows Pacific promise with late brace, including Windermere's key batsman

Kieran's dedication to culinary coordination continues, with fresh bread, hummus, Eton Mess and samosas on offer at tea

Paul tries his hand at scoring for the first time, with expert tuition from the Nugget

Phil shows his badge to twisted firestarters


Sadly it was perhaps complacency that did for Pacific CC against new and last-minute opposition Windermere CC, who had come from the Wembley area.

Having survived some lively opening bowling Ireland (46) and Chasseaud (19) both fell playing rather casually to Windermere's rusty-looking first change bowlers. With the innings going along at more than six an over, Pacific still looked set for a big total. But Windermere's bowling seemed to get better and better and none of the incoming Pacifians gave it the respect it deserved.

Wickets tumbled regularly and cheaply and, when Oli Creese (35) was brained trying to hook a beamer, Pacific were suddenly in trouble, and Windermere were catching everything offered to them. The long tail added a useful 50-odd to get us up to 174, with Creese returning to bat at the end despite the painful-looking cherry on his forehead.

Under a mackerel sky, Pacific opened with Sheldon's bouncy pace and a controlled spell from Vince. Both were unfortunate, with several chances spilled as Windermere's openers swished and swiped their way towards the small target.

Sheldon finally struck with Windemere over half way towards Pacific's total, and further inroads from Phil Smith (2-22) ensured it was not an easy ride for Windermere. Pacific glimpsed an unlikely victory when debutant Pranav (2-15) took an excellent late brace, including Windermere's key man Tilak. But Windermere's tail soon clattered their way home and the game was lost with several overs left*.

It wasn't Pacific's best performance but Pranav Chandramouli's debut display of inswinging seam was encouraging for the future. 

Toby, benefiting from better undercarriage protection, looked at home behind the stumps despite repeated attempts by Sheldon and Tom to replace him. He answered them by taking a tidy stumping off the medium pace of Phil, waiting cleverly for the batsman to overbalance before removing the bails.

The elusive skill of how to win matches and, bizarrely, bedtime politics were discussed in the World's End after the match.

* The game was reduced to 36 overs due to late start and Windermere's long journey back.




Pacific v Windermere CC
Pacific innings Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s
  Tom Ireland b Anand S  46  0  0  0  0  
  Toby Chasseaud*† c & b S Anand  19  0  0  4  0  
  Oliver Creese b Tilak  35  0  0  0  0  
  Sheldon Greenland c Tilak b Harsha  16  0  0  0  0  
  Kieran Mullens c Tilak b Mani  3  0  0  0  0  
  Paul Davis c Amit b Mani  1  0  0  0  0  
  Ben Le Mare c Tilak b Mani  10  0  0  0  0  
  Pranav Chandramouli lbw b Anand P  2  0  0  0  0  
  Vincent Croft not out  7  0  0  0  0  
  Phil Smith run out  1  0  0  0  0  
  Ahmed Hussain c Wicketkeeper b Tilak  2  0  0  0  0  
 Extras (b 5, lb 9, w 15, nb 1) 30    
 TOTAL (36.0 Overs) 174    
 Fall of wickets: 
Bowling O M R W  
Windermere CC innings Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s
  Tilak b Chandramouli  74  0  0  0  0  
  Anand P c Chasseaud b Greenland  14  0  0  0  0  
  Ravi K lbw  6  0  0  0  0  
  Ravi R  20  0  0  0  0  
  Sunil J*†  12  0  0  0  0  
  Amit S st Chasseaud b Smith  12  0  0  0  0  
  Hitesh P  3  0  0  0  0  
  Hasim  2  0  0  0  0  
 Extras (b 1, lb 0, w 23, nb 0) 24    
 TOTAL (0.0 Overs) 174    
 Fall of wickets: 
Bowling O M R W  
 Sheldon Greenland 7 1 32 1  
 Vincent Croft 7 1 52 0  
 Phil Smith 7 2 22 2  
 Kieran Mullens 3 0 21 0  
 Ahmed Hussain 2 0 17 1  
 Tom Ireland 4 0 18 0  
 Pranav Chandramouli 3 0 15 2  

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