Pacific v LNER at Away  Fri 17-Jul-1998
Lost by 326 runs

in this 40 over match, Pacific suffered their biggest ever defeat surpassing the 234 run defeat by Hagley on 9/7/97.

L : 398-8 (40 overs). Sheikh 126. J Browne 1-0-2-2
P : 72-8 (ao) (31 overs). S Roberts 18. M Alexander 18. Zaidi 4-2-5-2

They were completely outplayed to the point of humiliation. Initially, Pacific were keen to avenge the 167 run defeat in 97 but a century from Shiekh was recorded before 15 overs were up. Opening bowlers Mike Alexander & Darryl Roberts were helpless & even Frank Baglivi was unable to stem the tide.Stuart Roberts picked up 2 wickets but Qamar got a century too.

More bad luck - Darryl Roberts breaks a finger on the 2nd ball of his 2nd spell & the spectating Kevin Murphy on a jet stop from LA could not be persuaded to retread old ground. Still the batting went on, now Penney with a half century before debutant Jomu Browne (ex Highbury Fields) picks up to wickets in the final over of the innings.

With a target of 10 an over, only respectability was left as a target. Therefore, Matt Holliday scored a duck, & key hope Browne scored 5. Peter Hollman was run out needlessly by Stuart Roberts who was then out himself bowled next ball. Skipper Zandis Zaidi said said it was just 1 of those days but Peter Hollman was nearer the mark ŗwe were awful - it 1st XI must for 99 or wešll just get the same again !˛

P : MH+ PH* J Browne SR MA JM MP N Wright FB DR


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