Glug glug glug
Pacific v North Middlesex at Wray Crescent
Sat 28 Apr 2012 at 1.30pm
Friendly fixture

Aquaterra pulled the plug because the Parkie stood in a puddle.  Health and Safety issues thwart us after recruiting an elite band of eleven lean soldiers of fortune ready to defend the Pacific name against the infidels of North Middlesex.

Aquaterra - I have just been informed that due to the weather conditions, Enterprise have deemed Wray Crescent to be unplayable this weekend. This means I will have to cancel your pitch on Saturday, 28th April & 29th is also no longer available.

Skipper's pitch inspection at 6.20pm on Friday - soggy outfield in patches but how the heck can you call a game off that early on an all weather pitch (let alone call Sunday's off)! Dubious about trusting forecasts.  Hell to pay if it does not bucket down before match.

Former skippers observation (16:35 on Saturday) - Buckets of rain meant no hell to pay.  Nuggsy's lack of stats causing major anxiety so Hades quiet sigh of relief.