Sight screens as rafts
Pacific v Chigwell at Broxbourne Sports Club  Sun 29-Apr-2012 at 1pm

Sunday off now as well. Captains have reached agreement. I'll email groundspeeps. I've just seen what looks like an entire British channel sweeping across the capital tomorrow night so don't think they've made the wrong decision. On 27 Apr 2012 16:26, "Oli Haill" wrote: Just to confirm as I've had lots of emails while I've been out: Saturday is off as plastic Wray is deemed unfit for play. Sunday has been moved to grass-top Broxbourne which some believe will survive in its own microclimate and despite being by a river and currently very soggy. And biblical-era showers anticipated for Sat night. 


Pacfic X of XI at the moment:


  1. Toby Chasseaud
  2. James Gleadow
  3. Oli Haill
  4. Aroon Korgoankar
  5. Lahri Mohamed
  6. Kieran Mullens
  7. Kurt Rademaker
  8. Steve Richards
  9. *Jon Webley
  10. Forhad Ahmed





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