Squelchy Bottom
Pacific v Locksbottom at Tugmutton Common
Sun 22 Apr 2012 at 2pm
Friendly fixture

Following a pitch inpsection on Saturday morning the call came from Chris, the Locks Bottom Capatin, that the putfield is squelchy & unfit for the game tomorrow given that more rain is forecast, best to call it off now & save the journies.


You are the select few who have been chosen to represent Pacific this Sunday. Anyone driving and anyone needing a lift, can you pipe up and organise something between yourselves. 
Here is the XI (Lahrie is your captain, wicket-keeper to be decided - anyone volunteer?):
Vincent 'Colin' Croft
James Gleadow
John Hill
Ahmed Hussain
Aroon Korgaonkar
Ian Lay
Steve Lay
Lahrie Mohamed *
Kieran Mullens
Kurt Rademaker
Jonny Williams
12th Steve Richards
Start is 2pm, but please arrive half an hour before that. 
Lahrie who is captain may not know all of his XI so unless ambivalent, please contact him with regards to preferences in the batting order, bowling style even fielding position so he is aware & prepared before the game.

If for any reason you can no longer play, please contact him, me or Pete ASAP.
Cheers and hope you get a good game


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