Marriage Victim
Pacific v Isis at Queens College  Sat 23-Jul-2011 at 2pm
Friendly fixture


Other matches:
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 Last Ball Woe, Sat 28-Jul-2007, Queens College, Lost 5 Wickets
 Daylight Robbery at Queens, Sat 29-Jul-2006, Queens College, Won 125 Runs
 Pacific Flood Isis, Sat 30-Jul-2005, Queens College, Won 9 wickets
 Haill brings Isis to their knees, but they crawl to safety, Sat 31-Jul-2004, Queens College, Drawn
 Shayne's Shame and Leon's Loss!, Sat 02-Aug-2003, Queens College, Lost by 4 Wickets
 Holliday bowls a maiden over, Sat 03-Aug-2002, Queens College, Drawn
 Not so sunny Oxford, Sat 04-Aug-2001, Queens College, Abandoned
 Sat 05-Aug-2000, Queens College, Drawn