Richards Reigns Supreme - Confirmed
Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent  Sun 03-Apr-2011 at 12 noon
 Won By Steve Richards
Intraclub fixture

A bright if slightly chilly day and a football match greeted a tardily arriving set of Pacific players.  The day went smoothly if with an over rate bearing ill comparison with even the Indians in Mumbai the previous day.  Rizwan suffered a dislocated finger when catching Doug and was taken to Whittington A&E.  Steve Richards was provisionally declared winner in the pub.

 The Results:

Steve Richards (+22)

Jon Webley (0)

Rob Allum (-2)

Pete Hollman (-4)

Jon Brown (-7)

Dan Harris (-8)

Stuart Hopper (-16)

James Gleadow (-21)

Hugh Teesdale (-22)

Doug Teesdale (-27)

Vincent Croft (-28)

Toby Chassaud (-32)

Forhad Ahmed (-44)

Ritwik Nyobi (-49) 

Hugh Teesdale defends his title but won't have Darren at his side this year



1 Jon Webley     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
2 Steve Richards   Bat PH TC SR DT JW RN RS SH
3 Ritwick Nyobi     RA JG DB VC HT JB FA DH
4 Doug Teesdale                    
5 Rizwan Siddique   Bowl VC RA JG DH VC RA DH JG
6 Peter Hollman     JW RS HT DB RS JW HT DB
7 Toby Chasseaud     SH SR JB RN JB SH SR RN
8 Stu Hopper     DT FA TC PH FA DT PH TC
9 Daniel Harris                    
10 James Gleadow   Kpr JB VC JW SH SH VC JB JW
11 Rob Allum   2 SR JW RN JW SR SR DT DT
12 Forhad Ahmed   3 RN RN DT SR RN TC TC PH
13 Vincent Croft   4 TC DH PH RA PH JG SH RA
14 Jon Brown   5 HT HT SH FA DH FA JG FA
15 Dave Barnard   6 DH JB DH HT JG DB RA VC
16 Hugh Teesdale   7 JG DB RS RS DB HT VC RS
1 Jon Webley & Hugh Teesdale   Sco RS DT FA TC RA PH DB JB
2 Steve Richards & Dave Barnard                    
3 Ritwick Nyobi & Jon Brown                    
4 Doug Teesdale & Vincent Croft                    
5 Rizwan Siddique & Forhad Ahmed                    
6 Peter Hollman & Rob Allum                    
7 Toby Chasseaud & James Gleadow                    
8 Stu Hopper & Daniel Harris                    



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