Murray braves blizzard conditions
Pacific v Seniors XI v Juniors XI at Tufnell Park  Mon 13-Apr-1998
 Juniors won by 5 kwts

Easter Monday & conditions described as bloody cold. In fact snow blizzards accompanied the exit to the pub shortly after 6.00pm.

Sen: 131-5 (25 overs). L Faisal 37, C Jones 37. D Malloy 5-0-23-2.
Jun: 132-5 (23.2 overs). D Murray 53*. P Davis 29. M Alexander 5-0-23-2.

The game, reduced to 25 overs due to Islingtonšs ineptitude, was marked only by batting cameos from Lucius Faisal, Craig Jones, David Murray & Paul Davis. Both David Malloy & Mike Alexander picked up 2 wickets for 23.

O: RH+ LF RA J Bull CJ G Mansfield JDH* MA IC U: DM* P Davis+ TM+ M Fenton S Samuelson DA DR JM D Malloy.


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