2009 AGM Minutes Part TWO
Sun 25 Jan 2009 
Club news item

IIs (Saturday) Captain

SL said that it had been a good season & that 16 games had been played in the right spirit & seemed to be enjoyed by all who took part. The success of the Locks Bottom match whereby an XI of past & present players would be selected if available as had occurred in 08 & 07 was requested by SL to reaminas such in the calendar with any available recently joined members be asked to make themselves available in the other game that weekend if possible. SL also announced that we would not be standing this season & JW proposed a vote of thanks for SL’s past contributions & service in that role.

Kit Officer

KR was absent & no report was submitted at the AGM, however, a stock take has now been undertaken. Addendum RB & POH completed the kit stock take for this season. Main features are that we need match balls. 7 boxes of 6 of 7 different makes circa £8 - £10 each. Keepers’ inners. 2 or 3 pairs should do.

From the 2009 sheet what we have & here's a summary of changes Lost 1 bail Increased set spring back stumps by 2 Decreased thigh pads by 1 Lost 2 pairs of batting pads (in fact 4 as have made up numbers from earlier stock) Increased boxed from 4 to 9 Spare whites have gone 1 beville is gone but we don't use it anyway. An extra 1st aid box Keepers inners from 1to 0 Batting inners from 1 to 2

So main point is that we lost FOUR pairs of pads but they don't need replacing but more care needs to be taken when replacing pads after use or for the Kit man of the day to make sure that all the kit has been packed.

Social Secretary

POH reported that PAH took over the role during the season & the end of season dinner & awards was held at The Star Inn which was perceived as a resounding success & the plan is to hold the 2009 event there too. The President’s BBQ did not go ahead but the 25th Anniversary day overwhelmed other events & again was deemed a success but not one that could be included annually.

Mid-Week Captain.

SR reported that this had been another successful season in terms of showing progress again from the following season. Also the team was never short & some good new players had represented the Club in particular Justin Roy. The format of selected from squad rotation proved popular & successful & neither SR nor POH were aware of any problems & would render similar for 09.


JG advised that the agenda had been circulated in good time & that all members had been inivted & reminded. The EGM had run smoothly. He also attended meetings at islington Cricet Development Group, Friends of Tufnell Park & been in contact with Friends of Wray Crescent. He had obtained a £500 grant, which the Club can use towards nets but Holloway School's usage for had been withdrawn & no replacement had as yet emerged. AP commended JG for his hard work & his success in obtaining these funds. JG advised that to achieve further subsidies & grants Islington CC were keen on a merger. MH made clear that wants the Pacific name kept at all costs. SR added that he wants to keep things as they are. MC said that the Chairman needs aurthority to speak to islington & JG announced that it is his aim to meet with Islington CC with interesyed Pacific members citing MC PH & RB in their roles as Vice Chair, Secretary & Child Welfare Officer which MH agreed to.


There was no specific Webmaster report submitted but POH advised that Ben Hardisty was still fullfilling the role, that he had quickly resolved server loss issues when occurred & settled any dues as & when they were charged before reimbursement. As an integral toll for Pacific POH added that we were very lucky to have such a well run efficient & administratively easy to run site. The only issue is uploading pictures but Ben recently installed over 50 new pictures thereby keeping the site looking fresh.


Peter Alexander to be FM Jig Ramji to be AM Naveej Vinod to be anAM Saif Shamshudin to be an AM

PA elected 9-1 1 abstention JR elected 8-0 3 abstentions. NV elected 8-0 3 abstentions SS elected 8-0 3 abstentions

Tony Summerbell as a previous Full Member was reinstated as an Associate upon his request

One point of AOB was allowed at this juncture as discusion followed as to whether 3 games should remain as the threshold before new players paid match fees (excluding teas). AP made the point that he knew of no other clubs who do similar & it is very welcoming as he felt it was in his own case. PXH added that another club he was aware of charge £14 per game & although they do not have annual subs he thought this puts players off & Pacific’s modest charges are an asset.

A second adjournment took place here from 8.36pm to 8.45pm