a dispriting evening
Pacific v Sunbury Chieftains at Kenton Court Meadow  Sat 19-Sep-2009 at 12.30pm

"We had a dispriting evening yesterday as we tried to select sides for the weekend - the availability was lower than I ever remember. As a result we will have to cancel our game with you. I'm very sorry about this but we did our best to raise the two sides we were due to play, but it proved impossible.

I would be grateful if you would acknowledge this email. Sincere apologies."

Bill Kincaid Sunbury CC

Captain Bastin "A replacement game is possible if we can get at least 10 firm comittments. Currently we are at 7"

STOP PRESS 17/9/09 Hi there, With no great influx of interest, I am now calling this a done deal. NO GAME SATURDAY. See you soon, Rob


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