Holiday Season Takes Its' Toll
Pacific v Village CC at London Marathon Playing Field Hainault  Sat 15 Aug 2009 at 2pm
Friendly fixture

12th August 2009"Alan my turn to apologise - it seems you're not the only one who's away. I've managed to get a total of 6 players for this game + 1 more who has to leave at 6pm.

I've identified 29 players who are not available + a further 21 who just haven't got around to telling me they're not available I'm guessing - tonight was my last hope.

There's no realistic alternative than for us to withdraw from the fixture at this juncture because I don't believe deferring any longer will see us have any more success nor will it make sense delaying the likelihood of success for you at the CCC Emergency Fixture Bureau with which I wish you well.

My offer to host you at Wray crescent in 2010 remains & no charge will be made by us for any contribution to the pitch. I'll be in touch with dates in the Autumn

all the best Regards Peter

No hassle, managed to find a new oppo in an hour or so last night! Enjoy the rest of 2009 season.

A change of venue announced today (15th June) as the pitch has been playing below standard so our hosts have requested a switch to Hainault as they are doing with all their stronger oppositions.


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