An Invitation to League 2009
Tue 14 Oct 2008 
Club news item

"Hi Peter, Hope you aren't finding close season too tedious!

Do you think Pacific might be interested in entering a team in the NELCL next season (

It's a small, friendly league, doing it's best to keep competitive cricket alive in the area (at weekends at least). We were down to just 4 teams a few years back but are hoping to have 8 next year, most of whom would be familiar to Pacific.

I'd guess there'd be 8-12 matches, depending on how many teams we can get.

Would be great to have you on board, let me know what you think!

Best, Chris "

I've asked a few questions & once the replies come back, I'll poll the Full Members. Meanwhile, feel free to peruse the site & any questions you have I'll forward on.