Maintenance of Wray Crescent
Mon 06 Oct 2008 
Club news item

An email to Glendale & cc to Islington.

Hello I am very disappointed to see that not only did you not respond to my request last Monday to ensure that the grass was cut ahead of our match today, but the requested action was not taken either. From what I see today it would seem that it has not been cut since August.

It is sad to see that, as I understand it , due to the contract having been terminated by the Council, that there is not enough integrity left to ensure that islington's rate payers can expect an acceptable service. This issue also brings me back to a meeting I had at the ground with Alan Barlow & Noel Headon in March. It is still evident that none of the agreed actions & developments have been achieved. I must presume that Alan Barlow has left Glendale given that his email no longer works?

It is with great dismay that I will need to inform both teams today that Glendale are adherently disinterested & as I have spoken to 3 of your employees who feel similarly let down & are understandably more concerned about their own personal futures from the new year, I have no other option than to hold Glendale's management responsible for this latest episode of ineptitude.

Pacific CC have played for over 25 years in the borough & have had to put up with a lot of apathy to wards cricket & various points during that period but there has also been considerable goodwill & hard work put in to raise the reputation & by concentrating cricket in the one area the sport has grown in the main thanks to Islington CC who's youth teams progress despite rather than because of.

Pacific CC are the only senior side in the borough who play in the borough & the level of goodwill can be lost through such instances. Players on both sides may think twice about playing there & the hard work building the place up is immediately undermined through such basic neglect.

Our final match of the season is on 18th October. I would like a call to explain why my mail of 28th September was ignored & assurances that this will not be the case for a fortnight's time.

I have spoken to the treasurer who is equally unhappy & is reluctant to sanction any payment for today's match & feels a degree of recompense is in order given the aforementioned + avoidable time & energy spent on this.

I look forward to your prompt reply

Regards Peter Hollman

And the Reply

Hi Peter,

I am sorry to hear about this. It goes without saying that I am more than a little annoyed and I have written in the strongest possible terms to the Glendale Regional Director to make sure that your match on 18th October goes ahead with the pitch in proper order. I have asked Celia to very closely monitor the situation. I have also confirmed that you are not to be charged for your last game.

As you now know, Glendale will not be maintaining anything in the borough as from 1 January 2009. The new contractors will be Enterprise who already carry out all the street sweeping in the borough and their horticultural team have a long history of excellent service provision, including three Royal Parks. They are right at the early stages of their mobilisation stage but early in the new year I would like to set up a meeting with you, me and Enterprise to ensure that they know exactly what is expected from us all.

When does the season start for you and do you know when your fixture dates are available?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Jerry Gutwin Greenspace Business Manager Environment & Regeneration Department Islington Council Public Realm 222, Upper Street, London, N1 1YA