Points Docked But With Good Grace
Thu 31 Jul 2008 
Club news item

Hi Shayne Like we discussed yesterday, I really didn't know if any of your players had played for a different team earlier in the season. I do appreciate the fact that you approached me and explained what's happened. If there is an award for fair play then it should go to you guys.

Anyway it was good game and you simply outplayed us on the day.

Many thanks & Regards Imran (Goodmayes)

FYI Pacific have conceded their July 15 match v Goodmayes after batting a guest player (Justin Roy of Old Fallopians) above no 5, in contravention of Rule 5: "Any player who plays for another League side and plays as a "guest" will not be able to bowl and cannot bat higher than No 5.."

All credit to Pacific who made a mistake and took it on the chin with good grace. Persoanlly disappointed as we could have done without Goodmayes winning but hey, that's cricket! Well done Pacific. Steve

They have always been a set of cheating b********; about time they were found out! Gary Horsman