Washington Fixture 20th Anniversary
Sun 20 Jul 2008 
Club news item

David Gluckman writes "Congrats to all at Pacific for a great win yesterday. I was there as a spectator and thought your guys were brilliant chasing a decent 221 in 35 overs.

But the main reason I am writing is re next year, which I am sure you know is the 20th anniversary of our fixture. It would be great to commemorate it in some way. Maybe we should put our heads together on this.

One thought that occurred was that given your brilliant stats., could we do a summary of all the games we have played, indoors and out etc. for the record with a list of centuries,fifties, five-fors etc? On the 100's, I can think of Tim Mileham, John Robinson, Paul Stapleford, John Campbell, Braden Grigg and Alan Moffat. There may be others.

I think Steve Lay is your stats guy and if he has some time on his hands..... Anyway, have a think about it and perhaps we can discuss it when we have the return match later this year, Best, David"