League run continued
Pacific v Homerton CC (PKA Chats Palace) at Victoria Park Pitch 1  Tue 10-Jul-2001 at 6pm
Won by 7 wkts

The irrepressible league form of Pacific's Div 2 challenge continued when confronted with a weakened Chats Palace side, who had one eye on their 1st ever Cup Semi tomorrow night against Tower Ravens.

CP 54-6 (12 overs) Baz 12. P Hollman 3-0-12-3
P 60-1 (5.3 overs) S Kieran 23* Ossie 3-0-13-1

Due to a heavy shower, the match was reduced to 12 overs a side & all the bowlers made immediate inroads once Baz's off stump was sent back by Marcel Boonaert. His 12 runs was the only double figures score as Lucius Faisal & Neil Fox both picked a wicket apiece & Peter Hollman returned to bowling form with 3-12. All 6 wickets to fall were bowled thanks to the bowlers extracting notable movement in the air.

The reply centred on Matt Holliday's defiance as he saw off the threatening Baz & Ossie, thereby collecting 20* via the 3rd man & fine leg boundaries. With his brother , Simon late on a full length ball to Ossie, Scott Kieran approached his innings circumspectly before opening up with boundaries through extra cover & long on. Scott's acceleration saw P home with over half the overs remaining.

Pacific: M Holliday, S Holliday, S Kieran, S Emmins+, L Faisal, M Boonaert, N Fox, P Hollman*.


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