7 up so Apsley edge it (for 24 hours)
Pacific v Isis at The Warneford Hospital  Sat 08 Sep 2007 at 1pm
Friendly fixture

070907 No worries. As you say, loads of sport to watch on TV. Look forward to seeing you next year. Nick

060907 Pete, Keith is now on holiday. The team who replaced you have today dropped out. The pitch is still booked at present. Please advise whether or not you can get a team out or whether it's too late. Nick Wyatt (Isis CC)

UPDATE UPDATE from oppo "Peter, Apsley have confirmed they have a team, so w'll give them them the fixture. Thanks to you and your team for the effort. Keith" As we have just 7 it's for the best I reckon.

0509072115 update Lahrie Mohammed withdraws leaving just 7 confirmed players.

Message from oppo - Peter - I am still waiting for confirmation from Apsley Guise. Will let you know asap. Keith

040907 Firstly & the absolute latest is, we currently have 9 HOWEVER that includes an injured Nick Fuller (& still to confirm or otherwise) & I'm also missing a reconfirmation from Lahri so that may mean just 7 then. Meanwhile, I have told Isis that we are still short & am copying them in so they know where we are now.

As we were short yesterday & effectively with just 6, I returned the onus to Isis as this free date also attracted interest from another club. At 9.23 this morning this hit my inbox "I have written to Apsley Guise and offered them the game. I do really appreciate you stepping and to the fray and trying to sort this out for us. I hope Iíll hear from them soon and will let you know as soon as I do."

In other words, I'm not sure at this juncture whether the game is on or not but would expect to convey exactly where we stand by this time tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile the team at the moment is:- Rob Bastin, Matt Holliday, Peter Hollman, Moses Hutchinson-Pascal, Steve Lay*, Lahri Mohamed, John Baglivi, Nick Fuller (tbc), & Frank Baglivi.

At least lifts shouldn't be a problem as there would appear to be plenty of drivers !


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