Out of the cup in the 1st round
Pacific v Tower Ravens at Victoria Park Pitch 1  Wed 13-Jun-2001 at 6pm
Lost by 7 wkts

P's 1st trip to play at Victoria Park this season saw them tumbling out of the cup in the 1st round for the 2nd year running. The 1999 finalists were however weakened by several key injuries & unavailability of several more.

P 171-4 (16 overs)L Faisal 59, M Ralph 47*, D Murray 27. Jeff 4-0-23-2
TR 173-1 (12.4) Idris 92*, P Hollman 3-0-35-1

League rules state that players who have played in league games are eligible to play in the cup - so Steve Emmins was pressed into action. sadly his main contribution was restricted to taking a catch just beyond the ludicrously small boundary which added to the other 2 lives enjoyed by Idris who played the innings of the match enjoying as he did, consistently carting both Mileham & Hollman for 6s over backward square.

Reluctance to believe that he was vulnerable to the legside long hop added no gloss to some rather unpleasant looking bowling figures. earlier no clue could be attained from a competent bowling display as the batters lead by Lucius Faisal & Matthew Ralph lead P to a useful target, but unlike a day-nighter at Old Trafford some of the bowling was unremarkable & conditions remained precisely the same.

Congratulations go to David Murray when he was the first to say "We can now concentrate on the league!!". Injury corner:- Ben Hardisty bruised his middle finger while attempting to run out Idris before he had made his 50, while Tim Mileham has damaged his left shoulder during the same incident & may now miss P's tour !

Pacific: B Hardisty+, L Faisal, D Murray, M Ralph, T Mileham, S Rees, P Hollman*, S Emmins.


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