Pacific scrape home again
Pacific v Victoria Lounge at Victoria Park Pitch 1  Thu 07-Jun-2001 at 6pm
Won by 5 runs
VPCCL fixture

Pacific managed to defend another seemingly below par total in this top of the division clash, thanks in the main to the strength & depth of the bowling.

P 131-5 (16 overs) S Rees 29, D Murray 26. D Bird 4-0-39-2
VL 126-2 (16) A Dunning 57*. M Ralph 4-0-30-1 P Hollman 3-0-18-1

Mike Alexander broke down with a groin injury in his second over, which was then completed by Lucius Faisal. In total Pacific used 6 bowlers & none of them could remove the main threat - Alistair Dunning - except that while he was away from strike, Pacific were able to restrict the scoring thanks to a fine defensive field & some pretty tight bowling. Jim Davies, the specialist death bowler, again bowled the final over here top Dunning, but with 18 required, 11 were conceded from the 1st 5 balls & so a 6 off the final ball was required to tie. It passed through to the keeper, Steve Lay, so Pacific picked up the win by 5 runs.

Earlier , Newby & Dunning had bowled tightly with the new ball but Lucius Faisal was in typical hit or miss mood & his 20 runs included 2 huge 6s. Shayne Rees (29) & Steve Lay (16), David Murray (26) all got starts but the half way mark 63-1 suggested a higher total than the 131 achieved which in itself was reached thanks to 17* to Matt Ralph & 7* to Jim Davies.

The latter has never been dismissed in VPCCL. in 8 innings ! Then it was the bowlers turn & with Hollman & Ralph picking up the only 2 wickets, Lounge were left to ponder how 76-1 after 8 overs with 6 wickets in hand could not be converted in victory.

Pacific: L Faisal, S Rees, S Lay+, D Murray, M Alexander, M Ralph, J Davies, P Hollman*


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