Webbo's Top Class Before Snowfall
Double Wicket Competition at Wray Crescent  Sat 05 Apr 2008 at 1pm
Won By Jon Webley
Intraclub fixture

Tim Vanderpump was out of town & could not defend his title although back from the sub continent. 16 participants including 2 last minute Sheldon Greenland & Keith Michaels from Islington CC. Some hasty redrawing & Luke Hollman filling in for late arrival Lucius Faisal & it was game on.

Admittedly, the recent warm weather was absent (it peaked at 11 degs & was 8 degs at the close). But despite the occasional passing shower, just about everyone stuck at it & there was a result.

So before the scores, here's some stats:- Top Run Scorer was Darren Tempany 83* & his & Matt Holiday's partnership was the largest with an untainted 98. These were all the highest net scores.

Top leading wicket taker was Jon Webley 4-0-19-4. Most economic bowler James Gleadow 4-0-13-2

1st Jon Webley 52.5

2nd James Gleadow 41

3rd Matt Holliday 28

4th Justin Roy 24

5th Luke / Lucius 13

6th Joe Bennett 10

7th Darren Tempany 7

8th Jon Brown 6.5

9th Rob Allum -2

10th = Sammy Purcell & Sheldon Greenland -5.5

12th Craig Jones -10.5

13th Chris Atkin -11

14th Keith Michael -11.5

15th Peter Hollman -19

16th Matt Callender -42

Congrats to Jon W. Here's hoping we all take more catches as the season gets going.


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