Severe Problems Cited
Pacific v Molins-Westbourne CC at Wray Crescent  Sat 02 Jun 2007 at 1pm
Friendly fixture

Opposition called this off as they were struggling for a side. Numerous reasons included early start time and the artificial pitch.

Rob Bastin Captains in this new fixture against this Bucks based & now wandering club. FOUR places to fill. XI so far:- Rob Bastin*, Matt Holliday, Peter Hollman, Jon Webley, Matt Patel, Stan McLeod, Ben Gibson.

Hello Rob, I have just opened an email from Peter Hollman and I thought I had better contact you straight away. I'm really sorry about this but I have severe problems for our planned fixture on Saturday. First of all I had not noticed the start time of 1pm in the fixture card. I had originally arranged a 2.30 start with Peter to enable us time to get there and find the ground (it is over 40 miles for us). Many of my players work on a Saturday morning, some as late as 1pm finish. And also I did not realise that it was to be an artificial surface, and this is the problem I'm afraid, as hardly any of my players want to play on an artificial surface so I am really struggling to raise a team. I think, to be fair to you it would be better if I cancelled the game now so that perhaps you can arrange something else.

I am really sorry about this, I hate cancelling games, but it has been a dreadful year so far. We have recently lost our home ground as the company who owns the site wants to sell the ground for development. We were determined to carry on and I arranged a number of away games, but so far we have yet to play a game, and we are almost into June! I am in despair. I would have played at your place but nobody else seems very keen I'm afraid to say.

Once again I am really sorry about this.

Best regards Mike Payne